1983 –  A new Motor Sport Body was born

This new Motor Sport Body was born with the name Sri Lankan Association of Racing Drivers and Riders “SLARDAR”.

1984 – 9th December

SLARDAR turns the Motor Racing into a life changing motorsport event adding high value and thrill to the Karandupone Hill Climb. The meet was conducted in such a manner that it reflected the personality of SLARDAR as a Motor Sporting Body.

1986 – Opposite Lock Rally

The first ever SLARDAR rally was organized. The rally was a great success and the response was such that a few months later SLARDAR organized a major three day rally.

1987 – SLARDAR 1000

“SLARDAR 1000” named by Late Kamil Hassan was held on the 23rd of January. The start of the rally with 33 cars competing was witnessed by many spectators. At the end of the third day of the rally, Cassim Wahab was declared the first ever SLARDAR 1000 winner.

2017 June – SLARDAR TV